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Inheritance Tax Planning

Who will benefit from your wealth: Your children or the taxman?

Inheritance Tax!

Did you know that the rate of inheritance tax is 40% for everyone?

Hoare Jacques Financial Services are a leading firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). From our offices located in  Eastbourne town centre we will show you how to manage and grow your wealth and minimise the tax you pay.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If you have assets worth over £325,000 (2012/2013) and you are looking to work with a team of South East based Independent Financial Advisers to give you professional and independent advice about how to minimise your Inheritance Tax liability, then we can help you by:

• Reviewing your current estate
• Explaining how to make tax-efficient gifts
• Showing you how to set up a family trust
• Advising you about the content of your will

Inheritance tax is charged along the following lines:

•The first £325,000 (2012/ 2013) of estate value is the nil-rate band,and is not taxed.
•Value in excess of this band is subject to a 40% tax rate.
•Gifts made within the last seven years are subject to IHT.
•Numerous exemptions exist such as an annual £3,000 gifts exemption, which can be used to reduce the total sum of assets that are subject to IHT.
•Spousal exemptions mean that a spouse or civil partner can inherit the entire estate without IHT.

Inheritance tax can be a complex matter. By filling out our short enquiry form, you can get in contact with our specialists financial consultants who are offering a free first consultation with no obligations, to provide you with more in-depth information on inheritance tax and your circumstances.

Minimise your inheritance tax problem and secure your family’s financial future. Contact us today on 01323 721721 today to arrange for a FREE discussion about your inheritance tax liability at our Eastbourne offices or  email us at:



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